Visualizing mathematics is a computer oriented inquiry curriculum for studying mathematics in the 7th to 12th grades. The curriculum is based on the possibility to present, explore and explain concepts and processes in algebra, calculus and geometry.
In Visualizing Mathematics the student constructs his understanding mainly during exploratory activities.
The computer enables the learning of mathematics in a multi-representational environment, presents abstract conceps by concrete objects, and provides a rich variety of examples.
The program appropriate the degree of depth and abstraction of the activities to the levels of the students.
The program offers innovative in learning and teaching methods and changes the student-teacher, for example the teacher will handle the lesson according to the answer of the students.
The developers: The CET mathematics team and the Haifa University School of Education.
More about our theoretical approach
The program includes:

Balanced Assessment in Mathematics
On this web site you can view library of 300 assessment tasks for grades K to 12.
This site also offers detailed reports on the approach to mathematics assessment and the distinctive objects x actions scoring system, along with a scoring tool that implements the scoring system.

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